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docker, docker-compose errors when working with non-TLS swarm

The Docker toolbox worked perfectly, until I went to work with our private swarm host.

Getting around github pages safe mode jekyll restrictions

Use all the features of jekyll you want and still host on github pages

Using async await and TcpClient TcpServer

Some time ago, I tried to implement a simple tcp server using the System.Net.Sockets classes, TcpClient and TcpServer. While building a synchronous server was straight forward, it was a little awkward to use the old Begin/End async methods. Having to use callbacks for everything asynchronous leads to more methods and harder to read code.

Mvc Enum Dropdown with validation

A very frequent question I see is how to make working with dropdown lists easy. Most of the solutions you can find involve a quick and dirty approach. I say dirty because it appears to solve the problem, but really leaves you without server validation.

Exploring the Textarea element

If you have ever found yourself implementing some kind of editor in javascript using the textarea element, you might find this little tool useful. I put it together as I was building a WSIWYG editor for this blog. Sure there's plenty of pre built solutions out there which have more features than I can even think of (or use), but the whole point is to learn something.