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Javascript RegExp Global, Character, and Meta (part 2)

Global Modifier

Use the global modifier when you want to operate on all cases and not just the first.

"123example123".match(/2/g) // yields ["2", "2"]
"123example123".replace(/2/g,"-") // yields "1-3example1-3"

Character classes

Character classes are a way to match a single character. They can be defined using a set of criteria within the square brackets [ and ] or selected from some special pre-made classes which are declared using meta characters.

'123digit123'.replace(/\d/g,'-'); //yields "---digit---"
'123digit123'.replace(/[0-9]/g,'-'); //same

Meta characters

Not all characters are treated equally and many times their location determines their meaning. Within a character class, the carrot ^ in the first position reverses the meaning of the entire class.

'123nondigit123'.replace(/[^0-9]/g,'-'); // "123--------123"
'123nondigit123'.replace(/\D/g,'-'); // same
'123digit^and^carrot123'.replace(/[0-9^]/g,'-') // "---digit-and-carrot---"